Asking Buyers This Question Is Costing You Business...⚠️

Posted by Brandon Polsinello on Wednesday, May 13th, 2020 at 3:30pm

“Are you working with a Realtor®”

Let me explain - when you ask someone “Do you have a Realtor®”

You’re immediately giving them an opportunity to shake you.

There is 1 Realtor® for roughly every 250 people in Ontario so there’s a good chance that they’ve probably got 6 of them as friends on Facebook‼️

What happens when you walk onto a car lot - salesman comes up to you

“do you need any help?’

“No thanks I’m good”

... because you don’t want to be sold.

Until 5 minutes later when you have questions about the car and you’re wondering where that person went. 

Same idea when you’re first on the phone with a Buyer - do you have a Realtor®?

First thing they say is Yes and most of the time that’s a defence mechanism because you got on the phone and might as well have said...

“Hi, I’m Brandon and I’m here to sell you something - would you like to pay me?’. 

So stop asking “Do you have a Realtor®?” when you first get a buyer on the phone...

I guarantee you’ll convert more buyers and sell more homes. 

I hope you found this valuable and if there's anything we can do to help you sell more real estate please let us know.

Stay tuned for more video and if you haven't already, head over to build a real estate machine on Facebook and like the page. Have an awesome day.

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