Stop Asking Buyers This Question...

Posted by Brandon Polsinello on Monday, January 27th, 2020 at 11:28am

Stop Asking Buyers This Question....

 “Are you pre approved”

 ...and here is the reason why⁉️

 We’re all told to find out if they’re pre-approved, find out if buyers have any money before you show them houses or invest any time in them but...

I’m here to tell you to stop worrying about asking the question,

“Are you pre-approved?"

Here’s the thing - almost everyone can buy, sooner or later. I will meet with just about everyone. 

Now I’m not telling you to spend 100 hours with someone that right now doesn’t have a realistic chance of purchasing a home but...

That young couple who wanted to view your listing or came through your open house and told you they’re probably a ways away from being able to buy...

...well their parents have a 3100 sqft house on 2 acres and they’re thinking about selling. 

That nice young couple could have gone home and told the parents that they just met a great realtor, didn’t try to sell them, knew their stuff and you should have them come by and take a look at this place but...

the minute you heard they weren’t pre-approved or even right now approvable you lost interest. Turns out mom and dad hadn’t told the young couple but once they sold and downsized they’re plan was to help them with a down payment.

Get the commission off your breath and start focusing on providing the consumer with a level of service that you know they actually deserve - the rest will come.

If you want to ask an approval related question try something like...

“Have you looked into your financing options?”

but not until later in the conversation when you’ve figured out what their situation is and built some rapport 

I hope you found this valuable, stay tuned for our next video where I'll share why shouldn't ask

“Do you have a realtor”

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Have an awesome day!

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